Inspiring Canadian Women - International Women's Day

As a female entrepreneur, I am always looking for other women to look up to. There is no shortage of great Canadian women that are truly inspiring. In line with International Women's Day, I would like to compose a list of the women that inspire me the most!

Inspiring Canadian Women

1. Michaëlle Jean

michaelle jean

This is a pretty easy one. Michaëlle was the first woman in Canadian politics that I could identify with. I was in my early teens when she took office, and she looked so similar to me! Looks and representation aside, Michaëlle really resonated with me because of her focus on Canadian youth and the disadvantaged during her time as Governer General. Her values truly align with mine and Alora's in general, so I have always looked to her for inspiration.

You can read all about Michaëlle Jean here.

2. Nora Young

nora young cbc spark

I am an avid CBC Radio 1 listener. I love the fact that Nora Young asks the right questions about technology and culture on her show Spark. It is pretty rare to see women in the technology space, so having her host the Spark show really helps young women realize that everything and anything is possible!

Nora asks excellent questions on Spark and keeps me captivated and interested in technology trends around the world. I love that a women like her can be a part of such an amazing and national platform like CBC.

Read more about Nora Young here.

Inspiring Calgary Women

3. Cara Fullerton

cara fullerton

It seems like I really like current and former journalists. I guess it is because they are always searching for the truth! The reason I love Cara is because of her story. She had a career on a popular network and everyone knew her name! Then, one day, she decided that she was going to do her own thing! How brave is that? She started a Calgary-based Lifestyle Expert and Life Coach business. If you follow her social media you know she is full of inspirational messages and is a health fitness buff!

I look to Cara for inspiration because she is so involved in her community and doesn't make excuses. She also strikes me as a person who doesn't feel like she needs to explain herself. That is so important for women since we always feel the need to explain why or why not we are doing something. We shouldn't have to explain ourselves. We should do what we please and Cara gives me the inspiration to become a better person that is happy with myself.

Read more about Cara Fullerton here.

4. Stephanie Jackman

stephanie jackman

If you know anything about Calgary then you know that it isn't the most environmentally conscious place. If you have lived here for even one month you also know we are a mall city and the majority of us are more likely to shop at a big box store than a locally owned business. Many people want to shop local and contribute to the environment, but there isn't a network in place to make it easy.

That is why Stephanie is an inspiration. Stephanie is the mastermind behind Be Local in Calgary. This organization is everything that I personally believe in. Be Local and their member businesses track the amount of waste they have diverted, volunteer hours contributed, money raised for charity, and so much more! Stephanie is really innovative in her approach to community and business and that is why she is an inspiration to me :)

Read more about Stephanie Jackman here.

This is my short list, but there are many more! Who would you add? Leave a comment below.


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    Corinne said:

    Thank you for sharing. I live in India and hadn’t heard of these women before.


    Betty said:

    Awesome post on a very special International Women’s Day. =)

    Sharon Beauty Prime

    Sharon Beauty Prime said:

    Great post! Very inspiring article on International Women’s Day. Thanks!


    ALICE said:

    Nice post! Very inspriational women. I was wondering if you’re interested in a collaboration? Could we discuss more?

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