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Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Second only to summer. No surprise there!! To me Springtime ignites a whole new attitude. The heavy layers shed, the Frisbees start flying, and a state of happiness sets in. With sunny weather comes happy days!

This spring season amp up your positive vibes with these three tips for achieving happiness.

1) Spring Cleaning for Your Mind

The spring season offers an excellent opportunity for cleaning. Rather than put so much emphasis on spring cleaning your closet or your home, why don’t you clear out some of the clutter in your mind. It’s likely there’s a thought (or several) that has been holding you back and keeping you stuck. Get honest with yourself about the negative thoughts that are limiting you and commit to a mental spring cleaning.

The simplest way to begin the process is to start each day with a positive intention. Each morning, affirm your desire for the day by saying: “Today I choose to perceive my life with positivity. I am willing to release the negative thoughts that have been holding me back from happiness.” This simple mantra will jump-start your day with powerful energy and a commitment to happiness. Making the conscious decision to choose happiness will begin your mental cleaning process.

2) Take a Sun Break

If you work at a desk or spend too much time indoors, make a point to step outside to soak up the sunshine. The sun has many healing elements. When you’re exposed to direct sunlight, you produce endorphins! Take a sun break once a day and let happiness shine upon you!

3) Plan a Picnic/Outdoor Barbecue

Barbecue and picnic season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. As city dwellers, we spend too much time eating takeout or obsessing over the newest restaurant. I am definitely guilty of this. This spring, take advantage of the park and share an awesome picnic with your friends and loved ones. You’ll find joy in preparing a meal for a friend and saving some cash while you’re at it. Bring your fresh new attitude to the park, soak up the rays, and enjoy your picnic!

Bonus Tip: Learn a new skill:

There is something exciting about learning something new. The Spring is the perfect opportunity to try that new outdoor activity you’ve been thinking of for a while. This could range from hiking and tennis to painting and photography, and so much more. This spring I am taking up gardening in my community garden. Tips on gardening and what to grow are welcome :) Sign up for a new activity, join a group, and find joy in trying a new activity.

I truly believe Spring is Mother Nature’s gift to us for surviving the cold winter. Take advantage of this gift by applying some of these steps into your day-to-day life, bust out of hibernation, and spring into happiness!

If you need a daily reminder of these tips, try wearing our circle of life bangle. It reminds you that every day can be a new beginning.


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