History: Adinkra Symbols

Legend has it that Kofi Adinkra, once a chief of the Gyaman people in Ivory Coast, made a copy of the Golden Stool. This angered the Asantes so much they were compelled to go to war.

Of course, the Asantes defeated the Gyaman people and killed Kofi Adinkra. Through their victory the Asantes acquired Kofi Adinkra's stool and his craftspeople.

It is said that Kofi Adinkra's stool contained all of the ADINKRA symbols that are used today. Adinkra symbols are a series of symbols to capture concepts and characteristics. Today, Adinkra symbols are used in jewelry, clothing and textiles, masks and carvings, and much more! 

-Merekɔ "Designs as Unique as You Are" #makeyourmark
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