Handmade Gift Certificates for Small Businesses

In this technological age making a handmade gift certificate has never been easier. My neighbour, Studio Intent, in Art Central asked me to donate a gift certificate to Ignite! Festival for Emerging Artists 2013. I believe that the private sector should support the arts, so I agreed. As a small business my family and I haven't put much thought into having gift certificates. We are simply too busy with making our art and the day-to-day activities. Since I love handmade everything, I decided to make a handmade gift certificate.

Handmade Gift Certificate

Making my handmade gift certificates was easy.

  1. Picked a template of Microsoft Word
  2. Input my information and the store information
  3. Created a space by my name for an initial to make it more secure
  4. Printed the gift certificates
  5. Cropped the gift certificates to size
  6. Mounted them of scrap-booking card stock.
Viola. A completed and pretty good looking handmade gift certificate set!

Handmade Gift Certificate 2Handmade Gift Certificate 1

If you want to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one please contact us! -Merekɔ


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