7 Simple Steps to Making Glass Beads: How Glass Beads Are Made

We use handmade, recycled beads in many of our ethnic and tribal inspired designs. Many people want to know how we make our glass beads.

Just how are glass beads made?

Step 1: Old bottles and glass are sorted by colour

Step 2: Glass is crushed into small fragments and put into a mold*

Step 3: Molds are put into an oven where the glass melts

Step 4: Once melted a long, slender pole is poked into the melted glass to form the hole

Step 5: The beads are left to cool and dry

Step 6: If needed the glass beads are painted bright, vibrant colours

Step 7: Painted beads are heated up in the oven so the paint can settle *the molds are handmade from clay and can be any shape or size. Even though all beads are handmade the production process is very efficient. Thousands of beads can be made a week and are widely available in markets around Ghana.




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