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Warm Weather + Stampede = Kind Calgarians

I have noticed that as the weather gets warmer people in Calgary become nicer. Example 1:
  • taking the train at 6:30 pm in February you can only see gloomy faces, hunched bodies, and black coats.
  • taking the train at 6:30 pm in July you see smiling faces, hear conversations, and see bright coloured clothing.
Example 2:
  • walking into a downtown building during the summer there are many, many people willing to hold the door open for you.
  • winter -- *door slam*
Example 3:
  • During the summer, people smile at you on the street
  • During the winter  -__-
Example 4:
  • In the summer you will hear "Awe, look at how cute those kids are in cowboy hats!"
  • In the winter you hear "Why do they even allow strollers indoors?!"
The reason why?
  • in the summer you wake up with the sun and can enjoy your eveing in the backyard
  • in the winter you wake up in the dark and go home in the dark
Do you have any more examples? "Designs as Unique as You Are" #makeyourmark
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