Jameela's Outfit of the Day (ootd)


What I wore:

  • Recycled glass bead bracelets (Alora)
  • Recycled brass necklace (Alora)
  • African wax print flats
  • Structured navy blue blazer (Joyce's Closet)
  • Gray high-low cotton tank top
  • Skinny jeans with cuffed legs (DIY tutorial by Velvet and Vino)

Where I wore it: This outfit was worn for running errands.

Why it works: A comfortable and low key outfit that is casual enough to not stand out in the grocery store, but structured enough to have a quick meeting with someone at the coffee shop.


The fact that the jeans are light wash make it a bit more laid-back, but the blazer helps to "class" up the outfit. 

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