How To: Layered Bracelet Trend

Style Watch: Arm Candy Trend

Don't be afraid to layer your bracelets for a fun summertime look!

Layering Bracelets is here to stay!

We love that the colorful layering bracelets trend is here to stay. You can mix and match bracelets of different shapes, sizes, textures and colors. You can also have 3, 7, 12, or more bracelets on one arm! There is no limit to how many bracelets you can wear.


Stacking Bracelet Tips

  1. Select one statement piece
  2. Add a couple of supporting pieces to the mix while mixing metal colors and textures
  3. When stacking your layering bracelets focus on
  • Color
    • You can create a simple, cohesive look, by sticking to arm candy in the same color story.
  • Size and Texture
  • Style
    • The easiest styling method is to match the feel of the bracelets to the concept of the outfit. If you are wearing a preppy cardigan a rocker inspired stacking bracelet ensemble may not be as cohesive as you would like.
  • What You like
    • Like anything else, we suggest you make this trend your own. Feel free to experiment and wear what you are comfortable with.  Experiment with different shapes and tones, and once you’re comfortable with your own accessory aesthetic, use it to bring your unique style to any look.

This is how Jameela wore these bracelets to our Banff Farmer's Market

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