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15 Must Have Items for Your Purse

For many women, their purse is their life-line when they go out.

It has everything they need for a night on the town, a day trip, or when they are shopping or hanging out with friends. And organizing what's in your bag takes effort!

You have to think about everything you need for whatever you are doing for the day, as well as what you may need.

While everyone is different, we've come up with a list of purse/bag must-haves. Some are must-haves, and others are more good to have. Items such as a wallet or keys won't be included, because we assume you always bring those with!

1. Travel Tissues

Having tissues on hand is never a bad idea. Whether you get a runny nose, bloody nose, or need to wipe away or wipe something up. 

And if you're anything like me, spring and summer mean allergy season, which comes with sneezing and a lot of nose running. Having them on hand helps you from wiping your nose on your sleeve, which is never cute.

2. Lip Chap/Lipstick/Lip Gloss

Calgary, and Alberta in general, tend to be very dry. With such little moisture in the air, lips tend to get chapped pretty quickly, so you need to have some form of a lip moisturizer in your purse.
If you're the type of woman who often wears lipstick or gloss, having that day's color in your bag is smart. You can use it to touch up during the day and avoid that bleeding/faded look that some lipsticks have after a few hours.

3. Portable Charger

Is there a worse feeling than knowing your phone is about to die and not have a charger? I don't think so!
That's why this is a must-have at number three.

4. Stud Earrings

If you're the kind of person who always wearings jewelry, carrying a pair of silver, gold, or rose gold studs in your purse is a good idea. If you are in a rush in the morning, you may forget to put on your jewelry. But if you have a pair of studs with you at all times, you never have to feel as though your outfit is incomplete. 
Alora sells gorgeous everyday studs that are perfect for your bag.

5. Hand Sanitizer

Good practice .... and because COVID.

6. Mask

Also ... COVID.

7. Cosmetics Pouch

Using a cosmetics pouch is not only an excellent way to carry around your makeup and/or sanitary items, but to also maximize space in your purse or bag of choice.
I use mine to carry my lip chap, charger, medication, and pen. It's also great for keeping those small items in one place, rather than the bottom of your bag.

8. Pen

There are times when you need a pen, and not having on is annoying. My mom always told me to have a pen in my bag, and I can't even tell you how often that advice has come in handy. You need it more than you think!
Especially when traveling, having a pen is essential. 

9. Tylenol/Advil/Medication

If you have allergies, are prone to headaches, or have a chronic illness, like asthma, keeping medication in your bag is as important as having your wallet and phone.

10. Mints/Gum/etc.

You never want to be caught with bad breath! Having mints or gum on you will help you feel confident when you have that urgent meeting after lunch.

11. Headphones

You never know when the mood for listening to music will strike or when you want to avoid speaking to someone will hit, which is why headphones are non-negotiable for your purse.

12. Kobo/Kindle/Book

If you commute, you already know how important it is to have something to do on the ride to work, school, or home. Even if you drive, sometimes having a Kobo in your purse is helpful.

I often use mine when I wait for my take out or when I decide to go down to Prince's Island Park. They don't beat the greatness of a physical book, but they are a fantastic investment when you don't want to carry around that heavy book.

13. Mini First Aid Kit

Sometimes you slip or accidentally cut yourself, or your friend does. You never know when you'll need a band-aid, having a first aid kit is a literal life-saver.

14. Wet Wipes

If you forget hand sanitizer, these are an excellent second choice! You can wipe your hands down, and surfaces before you use them!

15. Hand Lotion

Who likes having dry hands? No one!
You can get cute, small hand lotion from the many local businesses and more prominent companies, like The Body Shop. There is no reason not to have it in your bag.
These are just a small list of what we think you should have in your bag, but it can be cut down, and things can be left out depending on your lifestyle and how big your purse is. If you carry around a large tote, you could have all these, but if you usually use a small crossbody bag, you have to be selective.
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