Alora at Circle the Wagons YYC

Alora attended the first ever Circle the Wagons. We were in the market area of the festival that was hosted by Market Collective. In true Ghanaian fashion, Alora sold many of its old items market style. There were no prices on anything. We listened to customer's offers and started bargaining from there. We knew many people were not comfortable with that style of buying, so we did make it easy by accepting reasonable offers :P 

What is Circle the Wagons?

Well, from what we gathered, Circle the Wagons YYC is a family friendly, food, art, performance, music, buying festival. It is everything you could want in a summer festival all rolled into one.

Major participants of the festival were Market Collective, Vine Arts, National, Music YYC, Car2Go and Green Event Services. There were food trucks, a beer gardens, circus training for children, an awesome metal hippo, Bassbus and soooo much more. 

We really hope they have it again next year.

If you attended what did you think?

circle the wagons and green events calgary

circle the wagons in calgary

super cool hippo at circle the wagons

YYC food trucks at circle the wagons with market collective

circle the wagons with market collective

circle the wagons with market collective preformance schedule

circle the wagons a family friendly event

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