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The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Wife, Sister, or Girlfriend

We have learned a thing or two about what women want over the years! Men, we want to help you out a little bit and give you a list to shop with in the last days leading up to Christmas.

The Perfect Necklace for Your Wife

Here you have two stunning silver necklaces. If your wife or girlfriend is bold, then the handmade Silver Tropics necklace on the left will bring a sparkle to her eyes ($80, Alora Boutique). If she has a more simple style, the Tiffany & Co Padlock necklace will compliment her style perfectly ($190, Joyce's Closet)

Christmas gifts for sister wife girlfriend. handmade necklace jewelryChristmas gifts for sister wife girlfriend.toiffany and co jewelry


The Perfect Watch and Bracelet Combination for you Sister

Layering Bracelets and watches are all the rage these days. You may not be aware of it, but your sister sure is! Take advantage of the trends and be the best brother to ever live (at least for the next 15 minutes). Your sister will love the combination of the Gold Analog Fossil Watch ($100, Joyce's Closet) and these Royal Collection Semi-precious Stone Bracelets ($24 each, Alora Boutique)

Christmas gifts for sister wife girlfriend. fossil watch at a great price Christmas gifts for sister wife girlfriend. handmade bracelets jewelry


The Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Girlfriend

We know that girlfriends come and go (hopefully not many!). Here are two gifts that are perfect for a woman you have known just for a bit and one you have been with for years. On the left we have stunning, handcrafted, recycled brass heart earrings that are on hypo-allergenic earring hooks ($20, Alora Boutique). These will last her a life time. Not only that, but you can show her how you feel without having to say anything at all. On the right, we have one of the hottest designer clutches. If you have spent anytime around trendy women, you will know that this Tory Burch clutch is the perfect accessory ($250, Joyce's Closet)

recycled brass earrings Christmas gifts for sister wife girlfriend. handmade jewelry tory burch clutch at a great price Christmas gifts for sister wife girlfriend.




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