The Perfect Necklace for Your Neckline

What Necklace Looks Best?

You have picked your outfit and now all that is left is choosing accessories. But what necklace will look the best with the outfit you are wearing? Of course you have to consider the occasion and your own personal style. However, once that is decided you have to wrestle with what necklace will look the best: the short one or the long one. 

"This cheat sheet. It's a MUST-guide for you to create striking looks time and time again." - Jeweller Magazine


This is just a guideline, but it can be helpful when you are struggling between choosing to wear your long akoma  heart necklace or your super statement silver tropics necklace. The chart below will also be helpful when shopping for necklaces. You can get a pretty good idea of where a necklace will fall on your body by taking a quick look at this!

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