7 Creative Ways to Spend Valentine's Day in Calgary Under $50

While I believe it is important to spend quality time with your partner, I admit I am not (always) one for over the top romantic and expensive dates. Instead I find myself enjoying the process of finding new and exciting things to do with my partner. We have discovered that there is a plethora of activities and adventures that await us in the city – adventures that don't break the bank!

We have put together 7 fantastic, creative and inexpensive {under $50} dates in and around Calgary for you and your partner. These are not cheap dates and are sure to impress your valentine. Trust us, you will thank us later!

1) Local Love

Want to keep it low key?


Skip the expensive, crowded restaurants, send the kids over to grandma's and head over to the  Crossroads Farmers Market in the southeast. You are sure to find everything you need to create the perfect date night. When you are at the market with your love to pick up some local, fresh food for dinner and perhaps a homemade pie or some cookies for dessert. Swing by the antique mall and find your favorite nostalgic board game or old movie. Head home and enjoy a great night in, without breaking the bank.


Jerk Chicken Wing Meal from Wings n' tings: $24.00 ($12.50/person)

Tasty sweets from Ukrainian Bakery: $10

Nostalgic board game or old movie:$5-1$10

Beautiful moments with your partner: Priceless

For more information on Crossroads Farmers Market click HERE

2) Banff Upper Hot Springs

Looking for an adventurous date?

Compile your all time favorite love songs into the ultimate mix tape and cruise out to the Rockies! Adventure is waiting in Banff National Park! And let’s be honest – we Canadian men & woman love those beautiful snow capped Rocky Mountains!

Sip hot chocolate while strolling down Banff Avenue then head on up to the Banff Upper Hot Springs. Nothing says romance than a steamy dip while taking in the views of the majestic Bow Valley.

Adult pass to Banff Upper Hot Springs: $14.60 ($7.30/person)

Those ridiculous (but awesome) historic swimsuit rentals: $3.80 ($1.90/person)

Park Entry Fees: $9.80/ adult or $19.60/group

Getting up close and personal in a heated pool with 40 strangers: Priceless

For more information on Banff Upper Hot Springs click HERE

3) Valentine's Day Potluck Style

Feel like spending quality time with friends?

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a time designated only for you and your sweetheart, it can also be a time to share the love with your nearest & dearest friends – and in this case your couple friends!

Plan the ultimate romantic group date! Light the candles, dim the lights, put on your favorite love ballads (Serana Ryder, "Fall"?), and get some friends to join in on the love fest. Suggest that each couple bring a bottle of wine and a dish and serve up potluck style! A night full of food, wine, friends… you never know what will happen!

A festive dish scavenged from the depths of your fridge: $0

A cheap bottle of wine (let’s be real, anything will do!): $12

A romantic night with a few of your closest friends: Priceless

For more information on your closest liquor store click HERE

4) Color me mine

Feeling a little artsy/crafty? Color me mine is your answer this valentine's day

Let me start by saying Color me mine is as romantic as it gets for couples because they not only share intimate time with each other, but also get to see the result of the date a week or two later after picking up the finished pieces. Every Colour Me Mine has over 100 different ceramic pieces including heart shaped plates, heart indented coffee mugs, and a plethora of other useful household objects that can just as easily be covered in painted hearts!

Here is how it works

  • Walk into any one of three locations in Calgary
  • Find a ceramic piece (or two) to paint
  • Get a quick introduction session and a few extra tips on how it all works
  • Paint, paint, and paint some more
  • Dry, then give finished pieces with store clerk to be picked up a week or two later

Cost: $15.00-$100

Decorating your place with a splash of romanticism : Priceless!

For more information on Color me mine and locations click Here

5) Llyods Roller Rink

Feeling a little nostalgic and want to recreate some good old memories?

I’m sure quite a few of us can recall numerous birthday parties being hosted at the greatest venue of all time; Lloyd’s Roller Rink. Don’t lie, we all skated at that rink eyeing those older kids holding hands with their school crushes. We all were dreaming of the day that we too would be doing the same with our lovers to the "N*sync greatest hits" playlist.

Dig out those Rollerblades (we know you are still holding onto them on the off chance they might actually come back in style) and groove out to some classic hits while skating away the night with your Valentine!

Admission before 6: $6.75

Admission after 6: $8.75

Rental skates or blades: $2.75

Getting the excuse to pretend rollerblading is still cool: Priceless!

For more information on Lloyd’s Roller Rink click HERE

6) Volunteer at leftoveryyc

Feel like making a difference in your community? leftoveryyc is the perfect place to start

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, so consider branching out from romance into charity and friendship. Volunteer at leftoveryyc a local organization in Calgary that rescues food from being thrown in the garbage and ensure it gets to service agencies such asthe Calgary Drop-In Centre, Calgary Interfaith Food Bank, Alpha House, Making Changes Association and Inn from the Cold, provide housing, food, and opportunities for those that are impoverished. LeftOvers delivers perishable food to these locations to alleviate stress and fill the kitchens with fresh item in need.  They are always in need of volunteers and are working on fixing a small part of a big problem

Cost: 1 to 2 hours of your day to rescue food in Calgary

The feeling that you are making a difference in your community/world: priceless

For more information on leftoveryyc click Here

7) Time to Tango

Feel like like dancing, Arthurmurraycalgary dance studio has you covered

There is nothing more romantic and sexier than taking a dance class with your special someone. This valentines day get your dancing shoes on and get ready to tango away. I mean is there a better way to impress your date than your dance moves?! Don't worry, if you are a pro or a beginner, the folks at Arthurmurray dance studio have a special valentine's date night package that is sure to fit all levels.

What you get: Learn 2 step, tango, salsa, jive and much more

Ticket prices: $40{$20 per person}

Dancing your heart out and creating beautiful memories: priceless

For more information on Arthurmurraycalgary  click Here

One more thing*

Laughter is the way to the hear, so what better way to please your lover than getting them rolling in their seat with laughter. Loosen things up by heading out to a local improv show at the Loose Moose Improv Theatre! Calgary has its abundance of amazing talent, so why not support a local theater while enjoying a live show that is guaranteed to make you laugh (trust me!)

Get there early and enjoy the ‘adult’ concession – all beverages are allowed in the theatre. Enjoy beer, wine and liquorice sticks!

Maestro Impro: $30 ($15/person) showing @ 8

Past Your Bedtime: $20 ($10/person) showing @ 10:30pm

Cups of wine (we didn’t say anything about being classy): $10

That stomach cramp you get from laughing too hard: Priceless

For more information on Loose Moose Theatre click HERE

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