Mother's Day Gift Ideas With A Cause - Support the YWCA This Mother's Day

Looking for a Mother's Day gift? Buy a beautiful handmade necklace and $10 of each necklace you buy goes to the YWCA of Calgary to support family violence prevention and poverty reduction. Buy your necklace today!

Limited Edition Mother's Day Necklaces

This Mother's Day, we are raising money for the YWCA through the sale of limited edition Mother's Day Necklaces. $10 of each necklace purchase will go to the YWCA to support family violence prevention and poverty reduction. BUY NOW

Necklace Choices

mother and child necklace mom word necklace infinity necklace gold online

From left to Right: "Mother and Child", "Love Mom", "Infinite Love". Click the pictures for more detail on each piece or buy now

Jewelry Making Classes

On April 30th Alora will be holding a jewelry class in the YWCA Mary Dover House. This class will teach women how to make one of the three limited edition Mother's Day Necklaces. Not only will the women and children learn a new skill, but they will walk away with a new necklace to keep for themselves! 

Why Support This Way

We believe that holidays are a great excuse to give to charity. Making a purchase that combines the good feelings of gift-giving and charitable giving seems easy because it is! Not only that, but Alora specifically partnered with the YWCA because they support women and their children.

As a mother-daughter partnership, Emilyn and Jameela believe that the strongest bond on the earth is between a mother and child. They also believe that the best job on earth is to be a mother. To be able to support a charity that specifically helps women and children is the main reason behind these limited edition necklaces. 

About The YWCA Mary Dover House

The YWCA Mary Dover House provides 80 beds of low-cost transitional housing to single women and women with children who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. 

A safe refuge is a critical step in supporting women through a life change.  Case management staff work to guide clients to the resources and skills they need to thrive.


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