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    How To Wear Earring Cuffs: Fashion Tips

    Ear Cuffs: The Latest Trend in Fashion

    Earring cuffs will add an edge to your style. Even if your style isn't super edgy, adding an ear cuff is an easy way to give any outfit a cool, fashion forward feel. Turst us, earring cuffs are the latest bling this season and you will surely going to turn heads when you wear them!

    3 Tips to Rocking Earring Cuffs

    #1. Wear Minimal Makeup

    Try rocking gold earring cuffs with a burgundy lip. This will give you a sophisticated, edgy, yet unique look.

    #2. Put your hair back

    Pull your hair back so the world can see the full-vision of the ear-cuff. Try a side braid, or simply tuck your hair behind your cuffed ear for a more subtle look.  

    #3. Make it the Star

    Try just stick to one ear cuff. Unlike standard earrings, the "look" is meant to be uneven. Keep the rest of the look simple. You don't have to wear a necklace with it. You can pair your look with a simple maxi dress or jeans and a t-shirt. 

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