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2017 Jewelry Trends!

You've set your intention, you feel purposeful, driven and alive. Now let your jewelry speak volumes and reflect how amazing you look and feel with these must have 2017 jewelry trends!

Fashion experts from Vogue suggest statement necklaces, arm cuffs, art school earrings and raw stones all made an impact on the runway during the December 2016 fashion week. Here are some of the top jewelry trends for 2017:

1. Statement necklaces and earrings with artsy inspiration, sharp lines, geometric shapes and texture are sure to leave an impression and complement your favorite outfit! Jewelry that has weight, but is still wearable such as chunky gold necklaces, statement pendants, or thick bangles are also increasing in popularity.

Tip: Try layering your bracelets or bangles to accent your wrists or to complete your favorite look!

2. The use of uncut minerals and raw gemstones have become a jewelry trend you do not want to miss out on! Some of these precious stones hold significant meaning while others hold healing properties that are a great reminder to be mindful throughout the day, or may even aid in activities such as yoga and meditation.

3. Chokers & arm cuffs! Simple, dainty but bold chokers and arm wraps are making a   comeback. Chokers really gained momentum in 2016 and are the perfect complement to accentuate and show off the neckline. 

In closing, sustainable, raw and recycled materials are being used in fashion now, more than ever. Ropes, bicycle chains, brass, etc all appeared on runway jewelry and we hope to see more Eco-friendly jewelry in the future!

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