6 Layering tips for Fall!

With Fall in the air and Winter fast approaching, it is essential to remember the importance of self-care during these long and frigid months. Whether you are layering to achieve a certain look or to just stay warm and cozy we have layering tips for you!

  1. Play with color!

Dress up or down with bright, bold colors. Try pairing your favorite skinny jeans with a button down blouse, over a patterned undershirt, paired with a jacket or cardigan.

  1. Comfy & Casual

Try pairing your favorite leggings or body-hugging pants with a warm, over-sized sweater, on-top of a fitted long-sleeve turtle neck. You can accessorize with a scarf and boots for a ‘ready for the weekend’ look.


  1. Spandex, Yoga Pants & Leg warmers, Oh My!

 Tights and leggings are not only trendy but comfortable and easy to layer! Whether you are off to work or lounging around the house; try pairing different patterns and textures for a look that says “Bring on the cold!”



  1. The Over-sized Jacket!

Another popular look this Fall is the over-sized jacket. The length will keep your body warm and protected from the elements. You can wear it open to show off your fashion forward layers underneath!


  1. The Poncho!

Layering with a poncho is one of my most favorite ways to stay warm. They come in a variety of lengths, colors and materials and are versatile and easy to put on and take off. You can even wear one over your jacket!



  1. Layering your favorite Jewellery

Complete your layered outfit by accessorizing with your favorite Alora Piece! Our new Fall Collection is perfect for completing any look while inspiring yourself and others to put themselves first! Too warm for all those layers? Try a simpler outfit and layer on your jewellery for a unique look. Remember, Fall is a perfect time to pamper yourself or a friend!


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    October 12, 2016 by Shayleen McHugh

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