DIY Jewelry Dish

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DIY Jewelry Dish

If you don’t know by now, I love finding creative ways to organize my jewelry. I’ve put my jewelry on trays, in decorative plastic containers and even on elephants (yes, elephants!). This time around I’m making a jewelry bowl dish. Once again, I’m bringing you along for the DIY. Here’s what we will need:



A small paintable bowl


Foam brush OR sponge

Masking tape


Flip your bowl over and attach a strip of tape to the back.

Tape Bowl

Tape Bowl

Apply an even layer of paint to one side of the bowl.

Paint Bowl

Dry Bowl

Allow time for the paint to dry then remove the strip of tape.

Dry Bowl

Remove Tape

Finished Bowl

Optional: Add bold detail to your bowl by using a paint marker to draw a line down its center.

Embellished Bowl

Jewelry Bowl

Toss your bracelets, rings and other jewelry in your bowl and place it on your dresser.

Bowl and Jewelry

Jewelry in Bowl



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