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Social Entrepreneurship: Mustard Seed Workshop

Today we had our class at the Mustard Seed. We taught women how to make some of necklaces in the ‪#‎givehopeyyc‬ collection!

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The women picked necklaces that really meant something to them and we were happy to make their day a bit better.

One of the women chose the Eban necklace as a reminder of her son who she hasn't seen in 10 years. The necklace represents the hope that she will get to meet him one day. She intends on passing on the necklace to her son. Never underestimate the power of a symbol.

The ultimate goal of Alora doing the workshop is to create a stronger Calgary community by giving back.  

This holiday Alora encourages everyone to share a message of hope by giving a piece and message from our “Give Hope” collection to someone special in their life.

Ten dollars from the sale of each piece in the “Give Hope” collection will be donated to The Mustard Seed.

When you buy a piece from the “Give Hope” collection, you are encouraged to give the piece and message to someone in your life who needs it.

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