5 Easy Ways to Show Yourself Love

What is the meaning of self-love?

Self-love is the regard for one's own well-being and happiness. We all hear that we should love ourselves more. We hear from family and friends that if we simply took some time to care for ourselves we would be much happier. In between caring for our partners and children and working on our business or careers (or both!), it can be hard to find time to 'show ourselves love'.  

Personally, I struggle with taking time out of the day or week for myself.  Here are a few things I do that contribute to loving myself. You can do them too!

5 Ways to Show Yourself Love 

Tell yourself something positive

Sometimes it is the little things that make us feel better. Tell yourself something that will make you smile. Perhaps you did a great job on your last project or your hair looks amazing today. Remind yourself of that. 

Use something special

You know that great bottle of wine that you were saving for a special occasion? Well, the occasion is now. You are a special occasion! Treat yourself. You deserve it. 

Stop comparing yourself

"Comparison is the thief of joy." When you spend too much time comparing yourself to others you don't have any time to focus on the great things you are doing. Trust me when I say that you will feel much better when you are happy for everyone's achievements INCLUDING your own.  

Do something you are good at

If you are good at doing something why do just do it? Doing something you excel at will provide you with an ego boost! Not only that, but it will help you become even better at it. After all, practice makes perfect. I love taking photos in my spare time, so when I feel like I need time for myself, I go out and explore the world through my lens! 

Take a nap

We are all 'busy'. We have a massive to-do list and there are never enough hours in the day. By taking a nap, you are putting yourself before everything else on your list. Think about it. Is the laundry really more important than your well-being? Do you need to finish that project right this second? Will your family fall apart of dinner is 20 minutes late? The answer is probably 'no'. Let yourself recharge and take that nap!

Bonus: Treat Yourself!

Treat yourself to a piece of jewelry that will help you live with the intention to show yourself love every day. We recommend Rose Quartz which means unconditional love, self-love, and kindness. 

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