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    Efrectivly Telling Your Story in 2018: Personal branding workshop

    Everyone wants to start the year off right! That is why we teamed up with Avro Creative and Ellie Bianca to host a personal branding workshop for 20 lovely women.

    Personal Branding

    Having a personal brand is essential for advancing your career or growing your business / side-hustle. 

    Kristen from Avro Creative used to think that doing great work alone was enough to advance in her organization. When she was passed up for a promotion, it dawned on her (she was told) that no one knew her!

    That was her transformational moment. Hard work alone wasn't enough. She had built a strong personal brand and get herself in front of the right people.  

    So she put in the work to grow her brand and guess what? She got that promotion! 

    Workshops for women


    No good workshop is without food! We offered attendees wine and snacks. In our culture, you don't invite someone over without feeding them. A workshop is no exception!

    Food Food


    At the workshop, we went over our goals, values, transformational moments, and more.

    The women worked through their values their customer (or peers) values and then their transformational moments.

    networking events and workshops calgary

    networking events and workshops calgary

    networking events and workshops calgary

    Friendship and Gifts

    Everyone had a great time and went home with a Circle of Life Necklace to remind them of their intention of improving their personal brand when they wear it.

    workshops for women in calgary

    workshops for women in calgary

    We are really happy to bring you workshops that help you to achieve your goals. If you want a few tips on personal branding, head over to Kristen's website at Please check out Ellie Bianca and her amazing mission here

    If you want to keep up to date on all of our events then you should follow us on Facebook. We post whenever there is a new event and we would love to see you there!workshops for women in calgary



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