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Ethical and Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Sustainable and Ethical Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner! If you are an early bird shopper and really interested in gifts that are sustainable and give back you have come to the right place!

This is a comprehensive gift guide to all things ethical, sustainable, fair trade and eco-friendly.

Gifts That Give Back 

Fighting Poverty in Calgary

Jewelry That Gives Back

This Christmas Alora is collaborating with the Mustard Seed to alleviate poverty in Calgary, Canada. With their new "Diane" collection, Alora and the Mustard Seed are encouraging people to do good deeds by purchasing a jewelry piece and sharing the message with someone special in their life who would benefit from the message. Not only does this collection encourage acts of kindness, but a percentage from the sale of each piece of jewelry goes to the Mustard Seed for their program use. 


Fighting Poverty Globally

Unique Global Gifts

Jameela personally loves Plan Canada. They come up with the best gifts to give family at Christmas time. You can purchase anything from a $10 bed net to a $75,000 school! The best part about these gifts is that they positively impact more than one person in the world.

Supporting Human Trafficking Victims

Handbags that give back

The Tote Project supports survivors of human trafficking all over the world through the sale of simple yet useful and fashionable accessories. They have the cutest totes and clutches that would make the perfect gift for someone in your life. 20% of the proceeds go to Two Wings, a non-profit organization that uses education, mentoring and life coaching to empower at-risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking to pursue their dreams.


Sustainable Christmas Gifts

Sustainable Unisex Gifts

Seatbelt Bags

There are some really great upcycled gifts that you can purchase this Christmas. On our list is this bag that is made from old seatbelts. Each bag is one of a kind and will last a lifetime!

seatbelt bag


Handmade Candles and Tealight Holders

Who doesn't love the ambiance of candles? What makes these candles awesome is that they are hand-poured and the tealight holders create a truly romantic ambiance. 




Sustainable Baby Blankets

A perfect gift for any new mom and her baby! Our blankets are plush and pretty. Oh, and they are made with 100% cotton fabric and bamboo making them good for the environment.



Fair Trade Christmas Gifts

Fair Trade Home Decor and Fashion Gifts

Fair Trade Pillow Covers

These pillow covers are made using traditionally hand-woven textiles. Each piece comes with their own history and cultural backgrounds, which are unique to the place the piece was woven. This makes the perfect gift for the person in your life that is obsessed with home decor or the person that needs a bit more color and excitement in their lives!


Fair Trade Scarves

These scarves are inspired by the rich culture, vibrant colors and century-old techniques of Ethiopia. All the scarves are handmade using locally sourced, and where possible organic and recycled, materials. 


Handmade, Fair Trade Picture Frame

Know someone who just had a new baby? This picture frame is perfect for them to display their new bundle of joy! Made of beautiful carved, dyed, ethically sourced bone arrow points in a mosaic chevron pattern.

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