There is nothing better than a solid group of friends. These are the women that you turn to when you need to share an accomplishment or when you need a confidence boost! 

Your girlfriends are a constant presence in your life and provide you with unwavering love and support. Having these amazing people in your life sometimes compels you to go the extra mile to show them how much you care

show your girlfrinds you care

Let's face it, there is nothing better than your group of friends. The right friends are:

  • There for you to lean on when you need support
  • Listen to you recount your bad day
  • Always down to have fun
  • Great to spend time with and more!

It is so important to show them how much you care right back and certain gestures like gift giving make it clear just how much they mean to you. A meaningful gift on birthdays or on an ordinary day will enable your friendships to grow deeper and stronger.

A Meaningful Gift

Alora's Amazonite bracelets are perfect gifts for your girlfriend. By giving this gemstone to your friend you are celebrating their courage, thanking them for their compassion, and wishing them prosperity in life.

The simplicity and beauty of this gemstone bracelet is reason enough to gift, but what makes this bracelet even more special is that it comes from you.

gifts for girlfriends

This simple and sweet gesture will touch the hearts of your girlfriends and will also make an impact in the lives of other women! Five percent of profits from Alora are donated to charities that help women overcome poverty, escape domestic violence, and teach life skills to help them thrive! 

Whenever one of your friends noticed her wrist, she’ll be reminded of your love, support, and well wishes. Not to mention how stylish she will be! This bracelet is truly the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Give your girlfriends something that they can look at every day to be reminded of the importance of your friendship. With all the good vibes attached to this bracelet through the impactful donation that goes with it, you and your best friends can have matching bracelets and matching impact!

Let your girlfriends know the positive impact they have on your life and buy an Amazonite Bracelet today. Now through the end of the month buy one Amazonite Bracelet, get one 50% off!

Use promo code: “GIRLFRIEND50” at checkout.

February 21, 2019 by Booster Apps

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