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How to Layer Jewelry - Easy Tips - Handmade Jewelry Calgary

So much jewelry and so little time to wear it! That is why layering jewelry is always a great idea. I love to layer my necklaces, but layering can be done with bracelets and earrings too!

Check out some awesome ideas here. Feel free to show off how you layer your Alora jewelry by commenting below!

How to Layer Jewelry - Necklaces

This is my favourite to layer. Always consider the following when layering

  • length
  • size
  • colour
  • look

Layering different lengths is a low-key way to wear many pieces at once. You can wear a choker, and a princess necklace or you can wear a shorter statement necklace with a body chain. 

statement necklace layering with body chain

Sometimes it is nice to wear a chunky piece with a more delicate piece.

layering jewelry

It is always easier to layer metals that are the same, but never let this stop you from mixing and matching. These silver necklaces look great together because they are different sizes and have a different chain thickness. This adds needed variation.

sterling silver custom jewelry calgary  

Other times, you may want to layer your fave statement pieces and this is always fun!

layering jewelry statement necklaces

How to Layer Jewelry - Bracelets

Layering bracelets (stacking) is a super easy way to wear your fave pieces. 

You can stack gemstone bracelets or you can mix it up by adding a different material into the mix. Adding a cloth bracelet or metal bangle can make the difference to a sweet stack!

layering bracelets gemstones calgary

mixing and matching gemstone and metal bracelets calgary

How to Layer Jewelry - Earrings

 This layering tip requires a double piercing. However, you could always wear an ear cuff and a pair of stud earrings at the same time. I don't have a photo of that, but it would look cool!

If you have a double piercing, then you can wear a stud on top and a drop earring below. Keeping the colours similar helps give a cool factor. 

how to layer earrings double piercing

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