How to Set an Intention

How to set an intention

Choosing to live with intention can seriously improve your levels of happiness and overall fulfillment.

An intention will help create more clarity in your life as it is a directed form of energy. Think of it this way, setting an intention is like drawing a map of where you wish to go. When you set an intention, it becomes the driving force of your goals.

But how do you set an intention in the first place? Well, keep reading to find out!

Step 1: Get Clear

Start with something you want to cultivate in your life and write it down.

Make a statement that relates to your year's purpose and HOW you can bring it to fruition.

Clear Intentions can include things like

  • Being more patient,
  • Practicing kindness,
  • Practicing generosity or
  • Cultivating a lifestyle change.  I’m going to use the weight example only because that is what most people relate to.

Step 2: Write it DownHow to Set an Intention

Instead of saying “I want to lose ten pounds,” really dive into the intention behind weight loss.

You can set an intention and then a statement. For example,

My Intention is to "Live Healthily".

My Personal Statement is that “I will treat my body with respect”.

After that, every decision you make will be informed by your "Healthy Living" intention. 

You may find that you 

  • Schedule additional exercise each week
  • Eat a little better
  • Take the stairs to the third floor
  • Pass the chip aisle

Step 3: Get Yourself A Daily Reminder

How to Set an Intention

Setting intentions sounds easy enough. However, it’s important to remind yourself of them weekly and daily. You should set out a couple of actionable items will help you feel connected to that larger intention that you have.

You can use the following methods as a daily reminder

Now you have the tools to go forth and set an intention! You can do this weekly, monthly, or yearly (instead of a resolution!)

Please share your intention in the comments below!


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