Layered Necklaces - How to Style

October 05, 2020

Layered Necklaces - How to Style - Alora Boutique

Layered necklaces are a great way to get a put-together look, with little effort! The wow and pizzazz is already put together for you; all you have to do is create the outfit.

A Sexy and Elegant Look

For a sexy and elegant look, pair your layered necklace with a deep V-neck. Ideal for wearing to a dinner party or night out with your friends.

A Sophisticated Look

To create a more sophisticated look, trying pairing your necklace with a turtleneck or crew neck. To add more emphasis and attention to your layered necklace, wear a dark color like blue or purple. Black and burgundy are also lovely colors, one that will not only make the necklace pop but your skin tone as well! 

A Sleek and Professional Look

Office wear doesn't have to be boring or dull. If you're going into the office from 9 to 5, why can't you look good and professional?

Trying pairing your necklace with a pair of trousers, a white shirt, and a blazer. Pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail, and viola, a professional and stylish look is created!


A layered necklace is a great jewelry piece to have in your collection. It gives you a fabulously put-together look with just one necklace! And depending on how you style it, one necklace can give you many different looks.

Layered necklaces are the perfect gift for:

  • Your fashion-forward friend
  • Your Instagram obsessed niece or daughter
  • Your accessory obsessed cousin

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