The Ultimate Guide To Mala Beads!

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You may be on the lookout for mala beads or mala necklaces in Calgary, but don’t know where to start looking. We want to make your shopping for mala gemstone jewelry easy, so we created this handy guide to help make your decision to buy a mala easy!

Let’s start with a few basic questions that you may have about mala beads.

Why 108 Mala Beads?

The reason that malas are 108 beads is that the number 108 is considered a sacred number in many religions, including Buddhism and Hindu. The beads on the mala are a representation of the part of the moon and sun across the sky. The sun and moon move in an elliptical shape (like a long oval), so you chant or make a prayer 108 timres.

How Mala Beads Are Used

Mala beads are used for prayer, meditation, and let’s face it, fashion. Malas have 108 beads, and these beads are used for keeping track of your mantra or prayer.

You are supposed to hold your mala in your right hand and use your thumb and finger to count reach beads as you recite your prayer or chant, or mantra. Once you get to the large bead or tassel in the middle (also known as the Guru bead) you go back around the other way and continue your mantra.

Do Mala Beads Have To Be Round?

Yes, to be a traditional mala, the beads must be round. The beads are typically 6 mm to 12 mm in diameter.

Do Mala Beads Need A Tassel?

No, mala beads don’t need a tassel, but they do need a ‘guru bead’ to help you know when to stop your mantra.

Do Mala Beads Have To Be 108

Yes! Otherwise, it isn’t a true mala. However, if you are drawn to a shorter mala necklace, don’t let the number of beads on it stop you from wearing it. That being said, there are many malas with 18, 27, or 54 beads on them.

What Mala Beads Are Right For Me?

Now that you have a basic understanding of mala beads, you may be wondering if they are right for you. The answer is YES! You can use mala beads to feel more connected to your self or only as a fashion statement.

These days, wearing mala beads and necklaces are the easiest way to channel the healing energy of gemstones. One you wear your jewelry, you are reminded of your intention whenever you notice that it is there. Not only will you be living with purpose when wearing a mala, but you will look amazing when you wear it!

You may need to take the time to choose the right stone and color for you, so keep reading for more mala bead information to help you make your choice!

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Types Of Mala Beads And Meanings

What Do Different Mala Beads Mean?

Each gemstone has its own meaning, and therefore, each mala has its personal meaning and intention. If you are looking for mala beads to alight with a particular intention or goal in your life, take a look at this handy list of Malas for specific mantras.

Mala Beads For Anxiety

You know that struggling with anxiety is difficult. Here are some stones to help you banish anxiety.


Amethyst is a memory enhancer, motivator, tranquilizer. It counteracts negative emotions like stress, anxiety, sadness, grief.

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Mala Beads For Meditation

The whole point of malas is to meditate. Here are the perfect malas for meditation.


Howlite increases memory and gives you the desire to learn. Wearing howlite will open your mind to new knowledge and help you meditate. This stone also balances the third eye chakra.

Mala Beads For Healing

Sometimes we just need to heal and get rid of negativity. Try this stone for healing.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz helps to amplify other crystals and heals your aura by drawing off and absorbing negative energy. This stone helps to cleanse the mind and body, so be sure to cleanse the stone often. Clear quartz is also excellent for meditation.

Mala Beads For Protection and Strength

We all need a little strength and protection. There are two stones that are perfect protective stones.

Black Onyx and Obsidian

These two stones are perfect for protection and strength as they both promote self-control.

Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine help you to eliminate fear and be true to yourself.

Mala Beads For Fertility, Pregnancy, and Babies

There is not greater joy than children. If you are looking to add a member to your family. Check out these stones that might help.

Red Tiger Eye

This stunning red stone helps you to become motivated and increases sex drive. Aside from that, the red tiger eye is a perfect stone to wear if you are looking to accomplish your goals.


Not only does carnelian stimulate passion, but it encourages vitality, boosts boost fertility, and stimulates sexuality.

Mala Beads For Friendship

We all need strong friendships to get through this crazy world. Here are some gemstones that can help you become a better friend and build stronger friendships.

Rose Quartz

This is the ultimate love stone; it encourages unconditional love because it purifies and opens the heart to all things good. This stone promotes love, self-love, and friendship.

Green Jade

Green Jade soothes your mind and promotes good luck and friendship. It also balances the heart chakra.

Mala Beads For Love

All you need is love! Check out these stones that will channel love in your life.


This lovely stone cleanses and energizes your body. Garnet inspires love and is the 5th anniversary stone. It also helps to balance your sex drive.

Rose Quartz

The ultimate love stone, it encourages unconditional love because it purifies and opens the heart to all things good.

Mala Beads For Self Love

You can’t love other people if you don’t love yourself. See which two pink stones can help you with that.

Rose Quartz


Rhodonite balances your emotions and can help heal your emotional pain. That is why it encourages self-love and forgiveness of yourself and others. Rhodonite can stimulate your heart chakra.

Mala Beads For Confidence

Confidence is the best way to get though this world the way you need to. Check out what stone you need to boost yours.

Lapis Lazuli

This stunning bluestone promotes self-expression. Wearing this gemstone will help you find your inner truth and become self-aware. Lapis also balances your throat chakra.

Mala Beads For Abundance

You can never have too much of a good thing? Right? If you need just a little more abundance in life make sure you add these two gemstones to your mala list.


Citrine is fantastic for helping you feel uplifted and energetic. Not only does it inspire you to be successful, but it promotes prosperity and abundant success in business. Citrine also balances the solar plexus chakra.

Green Aventurine

Aventurine promotes compassion, prosperity, and healing.

Mala Beads For Grounding

We may be dreamers, but we need a little grounding every once in a while. These stones will help.

Red jasper

With Red Jasper, you get it all – grounding, creativity, rejuvenation, and clarity. This is one of the best stones for a mala necklace!


If you need to be grounded, unakite is your stone as it promotes grounding, balancing, and spiritual growth. If you are going through a life change or just need to let go, try using garnet

Where To Buy Mala Beads Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary

Now that you have chosen your intention, you can buy mala beads online at or at our many wholesale stores across the country!

We have many mala beads starting at 29.99! Remember, shipping is free in Canada and the USA with purchases over $50.

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