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Mothers Day Gift Ideas Calgary

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is closer than you think. If you don't want to be like me last year (hunting down a present the Sunday before), then pay attention.

A meaningful gift for mom

The best present is meaningful. It comes from the heart and has a positive intention behind it. That is why I love the "art" my kids make me. I know they truly think I'll love it and it always has a meaning (aka long story) that comes with it. 

For the New Mom

I find the perfect gift for a new mother is the "mother and child" necklace. Why? The necklace signifies the eternal bond between a mother and their child. When a woman has her first child she instantly understands the immense and unbelievably intense love one can have for another human.

Get her the best gift this mother's day.

Available in Recycled Silver and Recycled Brass.


 For the Awesome Mom

You know you hit the jackpot in life right? You have an awesome mom! She is supportive, kind, makes the best supper, and taught you to be the amazing, independent person you are now.

She is the best! For her, I suggest the rose quartz bracelet and best seller, but also an amazing piece. It means unconditional love and kindness. She will love it, you will love it. You may want it! Don't tell her though, because you know she'll give it to you.

For the Mom in Transition

Change is tough, but your mom is tougher. Whether she is changing careers, getting back into the work force, lost a friend or partner. You know she'll make it past this.

Remind her of her strength by getting her a resilience necklace. It comes with the quote "Endings are just the start of new beginnings if we allow them". 

Every time she wears her necklace she will make this next chapter in life her best yet. After the chapter when you came into her life, of course!

For the Simple Mom

Your mom keeps it simple. She is always focused on the little things in life that bring joy. She doesn't need or want a big birthday party. Just a nice dinner with the family. She prefers a bungalow instead of a 2500 square foot home. I mean, we all know who has to clean that thing anyway. She loves it when you spend with her at home. She doesn't need much, but she appreciates it all.

The little things studs are easy to wear and go with everything. They don't take up too much space and require little effort. Perfect. Simple. The best gift ever.


These are all available online and at our studio. So buy now!


Oh, and if getting the perfect gift wasn't enough, 5% will be donated to Louise Dean. Louise Dean helps pregnant and expecting mothers finish high school while learning parenting skills.


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