Mother's Day Gifts That Give Back - Louise Dean - Unlocking Potential

Sherry Hiebert-Keck Managing Director, Louise Dean Centre, Catholic Family Service told us a bit about the mission of Louise Dean and Unlocking Potential at our Mother's Day brunch. 

Louise Dean - Unlocking Potential Overview

Lousie Dean is a Grade 9 - 12 school for pregnant or parenting students while Unlocking Potential is the Fundraising arm.

Unlocking Potential believes in strengthening families. They have been in Calgary for 60 years. They are celebrating 60 years this year! Louise Dean has been in Calgary for 47years. 

"We don't do programs to people, we ask what your needs are and then respond to them appropriately." 

Services provided from Louise Dean and Unlocking Potential include

  • Counseling services (no cost of sliding scale cost) in the community
  • Community services in local schools
  • Mentoring
  • Family support programs

More information:

Louise Dean in a partnership between Calgary Board of Education, Alberta Health Services, Catholic Family Services (childminding and outreach, parent support, social workers, financial management) and Unlocking Potential (fundraising).

They also have a transition to independence coach and they do a matched savings program. Match every dollar for savings to $4. If you save $400 they match $1600 and the girls get to walk away from $2000 for the education of their children

They also have a dietitian, dads coach and much much more!

 You can learn more here!

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