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New In: Ginny Stud Set Earring Pack of Three

Stud sets are our number one sellers in the store!

You told us that you wanted more ways to mix and match your stud sets, so we created several minimalist stud sets that are as unique as you are.

We want to introduce you the latest stud set: the Ginny stud sets!


The Ginny stud set of three earrings comes in the following shapes

  • Bar Stud Set
  • Circle Stud Set
  • Triangle Stud Set
  • Sphere Stud Set

Not they are a in a mix of the most popular colours in the store:

  • Rose Gold
  • Black
  • Silver

You will never run out of places to wear these studs.

Here is a closer look

Triangle Ginny Stud Earring Set of Three


Bar Ginny Stud Set

Sphere Ginny Stud Set

Circle Ginny Stud Set

Earring stud sets for multiple piercings

The three piece Ginny earrings give you the ability to create your ideal ear party combination! With earring sets from Alora there's no need for your style to stay stale.

You can change your earrings daily, or wear a different stud set on each ear.

How to style multiple piercings

  1. A long chain earring in the first hole and a stud in the second
  2. Two studs in different shapes in both holes
  3. An ear crawler in the second hole and a stud in the first

Buy a pair, and show us how you wear your stud sets when you leave us a review!

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