Super Cute Jewelry for Your Daughter

February 12, 2020

I get a lot of people shopping for gifts for their daughters. Just today a lady said she bought from us because her daughter loved simple pieces and supporting local. 

She bought the Lia Stud Set (a popular gift item) and the now sold out Wendy earrings. 

Stud sets

Jeweley is such a great gift for your kids. When they wear it they are reminded of you. And the reverse is true!

Asymmetrical earrings  

My youngest daughter picked out some beads for me and got my mom to make me a bracelet from them. I wear the turquoise bracelet every as a reminder of how great my kids are 💕💕

If you are looking for cute pieces for your daughter check out our great gifts. Remember, you can always pick up locally in Calgary! 

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