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Sustainable Fashion Brands: How to Spot One!

What are Sustainable Fashion Brands?

We all want to shop sustainably. The easiest way to do that is to purchase from sustainable brands. Your dollar goes a long way when you support sustainable fashion brands. I will tell you why in this post! Are you excited? I am!

Sustainable fashion brands are brands that regard the people, planet, and profit equally. Sustainable fashion brands care about making great products that have a positive impact on people and a reduced impact on the environment. 

 sustainable fashion brands

Sustainable Fashion Practices

Many brands that fall under the sustainable fashion umbrella have a lot in common. Here is what you should look for 

1. Recycled Materials

Most legit sustainable fashion brands will use recycled or renewable materials in the main component of their product.  In addition to this, they will do their best to use recycled packaging or low-impact packaging. 

  • Example: the main component in our jewelry is recycled brass!

recycled brass materials jewelry

2. Fair Wages and Working Conditions

Sustainable fashion brands also really care about their employees. They are 100% committed to safe working conditions and paying their employees a decent wage. This doesn't mean that they overpay, but it means that they are fair in the way they compensate their employees.

  • Example: a company may pay market wages, but offer benefits, childcare, or flexibility in the job. 

sustainable fashion brands with ethical working conditions

3. Ethical Sourcing of Materials

Even if a sustainable fashion brand cannot use recycled materials, they will do their best to get their materials from another company or brand that has sustainable or ethical practices. They may still use new materials, but they use materials that have a smaller impact on the people who make them and the environment.

  • Example: A company may use new leather, but they make sure that the dyed leather they source uses natural, non-toxic dyes. 

ethical sourcing sustainable fashion brands

4. Transparency 

The vast majority of sustainable fashion brands are transparent. You will rarely see a canned response from them when you ask a question. Sustainable fashion brands are upfront about their business practices and values. They are PROUD of them! Usually, if a brand has examples of their positive work and values on their website that is presented in an authentic manner, they are cool!


sustainable fashion brands in canada

What do you think?Do you have any other suggestions on what to look for when shopping sustainably? We would love to hear. Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments below. 

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