7 Best Thoughtful and Sustainable Wedding Gift Ideas

That fact is that wedding gift shopping is hard. There are so many factors one needs to consider when shopping for wedding gifts and ideas may not come easy.

The modern couple wants to receive a useful and eco-friendly gift over another set of "good china". 

So below are seven eco-friendly wedding gift ideas that will help you save the world and look like an amazing, thoughtful wedding guest. 

Organic Cotton or Bamboo Sheets or Towels

Boring? Never! Organic cotton sheets, duvets, and towels are a luxurious item which your couple-to-be may not spend money on themselves.

However, these items can make a big difference in day-to-day life as the increased quality is obvious. Items such as these are good gifts because they are made with respect for the environment.

Cloth Napkins and Cloth Paper Towels

I know you are thinking this is not necessary- a green product that helps reduce pollutant. However, it can help them to reduce waste product that causes earth and environment pollution. This is a reusable product as they keep reusing it without not having to worry about waste that will arrive from changing napkins and papers towel because the paper towel will be reusable and in-turn reduce waste from the house and environment.


Bikes are the perfect alternative to cars. If your couple-to-be are urban dwellers, then a set of bikes could be the perfect gift for them! Not only that, but bike riding is a great form of exercise, and once you have bikes, it opens up the couple's opportunities for weekend getaways.

Odor-Control Compost Bin

Help newlyweds redirect waste from the landfills by providing an easy routine for composting!

Consider getting the couple a compost bin to divert their rice, eggshells and veggie scraps from landfills. Oh! Don't forget a charcoal filter to helps neutralize odor.

Once their waste is composted they can use it for their indoor or back year herb garden! It is the perfect gift.

Couples’ Cooking Class

It may be wise to gift some cooking classes. There is usually a "cook" in the couple, but helping the less skilled partner up their cooking game could save their relationship! Even if both partners are excellent cooks, it might be a real laugh for them to learn to cook together.

Also, think of all the amazing dinner parties they will throw! Hopefully, you will be invited.

Soap Nuts

What the heck are soap nuts? Soap Nuts which are from the soapberry tree and is a natural washing and cleaning agent that can fully replace your detergent in the home.

The best part? Soap nuts are biodegradable and utilize no chemicals! Yes, they are100% natural. New couples will definitely love you for getting and introducing them to this wonderful new cleaning product.

Potted Herbs or Pot of Herbs

Speaking of herbs. This is one great gift idea you can get for the newlywed couple as it brings life to the dining table and kitchen. Herbs can also be used for morning tea. When you gift this to any couple they will definitely appreciate you for your time taken to research the ideal gift.

Other Amazing Wedding Gifts!

  • Recycled Paper Thank You Cards.
  • Travel Toiletry Bag.
  • Insulated Wine Glasses.
  • Mini Upcycled Bamboo Speaker.
  • Reversible Bamboo Candle Holders.
  • Soy Candles.
  • Recycled Glass Oil Bottle.
  • Upcycled Cedar Serving Tray.

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