Time To Spring Clean!

April 10, 2020

It's officially spring, and that means Spring Cleaning!

Time to go into your closets and storage closets and clean out everything old or unused and donate it or throw it out...to leave room for newer shinier items! Or to declutter your home.

Often, spring cleaning focuses on getting rid of or cleaning your clothes, furniture, or house in general. Very rarely do we talk about spring cleaning our jewelry.

Like our clothes and shoes, our jewelry also builds up, and eventually, there are pieces that we no longer wear or break or collect dust. So what can you do when it comes to spring cleaning your jewelry?

Tips for Spring Cleaning

1. Fix It

A broken clasp or unstrung bracelet aren't always reasons to throw away your jewelry. These are things that can be fixed! Most jewellers are happy to fix minor problems with your jewelry free of charge, Alora will fix broken clasps and resize jewelry free of charge.
So don't throw away a necklace or bracelet if it has a minor break. You or your jeweller could fix it!

2. Donate it

Maybe you have jewelry that is in good shape, but you haven't worn it in six months and can't see a time when you will wear it again. Donate it! 
Value Village, MCC Thrift, and Goodwill all accept jewelry donations. Not only will you be saving it from ending up from the landfill, but you will also be helping out those less fortunate. Goodwill, for example, uses the profits to 'provide employment, job training and career services for people with disabilities in both our organization and with other companies.'

3. Repurpose

You're cleaning, and you find a piece of jewelry that you love but don't wear. It may not fix as well, or the band on your ring was weathered. Repurpose it.
Alora also does custom designs. If you have a piece of jewelry that you want to keep but need to update it or make it something new, we can help.


As you spring clean, remember it doesn't have to be boring. Put some music on and make it fun, rediscover your favorite jewelry items and ones that were loved but now need a new home!

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