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Why Shop Local?

Why Shop Local?

I am sure that you've heard about shopping locally. From radio DJ's to local politicians, everyone is telling you to shop local, us included.

As the Alberta government eases some restrictions on business and allows them to open, we have to patronize these stores. Calgary businesses have been innovative and proactive in opening and updating their websites and offering pick-up or free shipping. Still, we know that for storefront businesses, this time has been very tough.

So why shop local? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Local businesses spend 25% more of their revenue in the local economy than non-local businesses.
  • Small local businesses are nationally the largest employers.
  • $100 spent at local small businesses generated $45 of secondary local spending.
  • Local business owners donate more to local charities than non-local owners.

    Local business owners are our friends, neighbors, and community members. They bring money into our economy. Their taxes help build parks, schools, roads, and so much more!

    As we get closer to Phase One on May 14th, start to shop locally. If you need a haircut, go to a locally owned salon or barbershop. Get your meat from a local butcher; not only will you get better service, but it also tastes better! Get your jewelry from one of the many locally-owned jewelry stores, like Alora.

    We can get through this together as we have many times in the past!

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