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Who is the Alora Woman?

An Alora woman shares our values. She believes in giving back to her community through volunteering philanthropy, and/or creating meaningful connections with those around her. The Alora woman is honest with herself and others around her. She accepts her inner and external beauty and works on becoming a better version of herself everyday. An Alora woman enjoys fashion and style, but also accepts that these interests can help change the world.

What Does Alora Believe?

We believe in making women look beautiful.  We encourage women to be the best they can be by providing poetry with our jewellery. We volunteer in our community as well as outside our community.  We believe that everyone can be lifted up with a little encouragement.

Through this contest, we hope to inspire women to realize that they are an integral part of their community. We want others to recognize the contributions that a woman in their lives is making every single day