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    Harmony Collection - Live in Harmony


    The Vision Behind The Harmony Collection

    The vision behind this collection is to achieve happiness through harmony. Too many times we strive to fit in, blend in, or follow the crowd and feel empty at the end of the day.

    This collection is really about women embracing their values, whatever they may be, and living them fully. We have found that when what you at you think, say and do are in line happiness naturally follows. Our vision was to encapsulate that in a collection that can be shared with the world!

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    The Symbolism in the Harmony Collection

    The spirals used throughout the collection are a Ghanaian (West African) symbol for your thinking, speech, and actions perpetually aligning to create a harmonious life. A feat we are all capable of. 

    The Harmony collection is a medley of West African symbolism, Western silhouettes, and Postmodernist intentions. The designs are rooted in Emilyn and Jameela's rich African heritage but executed with the style of the modern, North American woman in mind. 

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    The Intention of the Harmony Collection

    The intention of this collection is for women to wear their jewelry as a reminder to act in a way that is in line with their values.

    Whether that is speaking up at a meeting, calling out an injustice, or picking up the phone to invite a girlfriend out to a networking event. We want you to wear your jewelry as a reminder that happiness lies in living your truth every day. 

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    Sustainable, Ethical Fashion Jewelry

    All pieces incorporate recycled and/or fair trade materials. Not only that, but they all come carded with a quote and intention to remind you of why you purchased the piece.

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