Our Process

We work from our home studio in Calgary, Canada. We mainly use recycled glass and recycled brass in our designs. We work together as a mother-daughter team to come up with designs that can be worn across generations. We also work with women from Ghana, who supply us with some of the materials we use such as the glass beads.

How the Glass Beads are Made

Our colorful glass beads are handmade in Ghana from recycled window panes, broken glass bottles and glass wares.

Here is how:

1} A steel mortar is used to crushed some of the glass into fine pieces

2} Clay moulds are made to the desired shape The glass is then added to the moulds.

3} The filled molds are placed in a wood-burning kiln. The molds are heated for 25-30 minutes at 600° to 800℃. The molds are then removed from the kiln to cool for about an hour. Once cool the glass bead is extracted and ready.

Brass Pendants

Our brass pendants are handmade from recycled brass keys, door knobs, musical instrument, fillings, home decor and much more. The pendants are made using old handcrafted techniques specifically lost wax casting.

Here is how:

1} A design of the pendant is sketched and a determination of how the pendants will be sectioned or “laid up” for mold making is made.

2}Wax molds of the sketches are then made and weighed to determine the amount of metal required to fill the mold

3}The recycled brass materials are then melted down in an oven. Once melted, the brass is carefully poured into the mold. The piece is cleaned by filing and polishing it.

All the pieces are assembled and designed in our home studio in Calgary, Alberta

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