We believe in hand making gorgeous jewelry from sustainable and ethically sourced materials for the everyday woman to feel unique, empowered and beautiful.

We believe in designing and creating meaningful pieces that inspires women to reach higher, dream bigger, and be confident in their beauty, power and ability.

We believe in creating a full circle social impact model, where we not only do we give 5% of our proceeds to help women break out of poverty; we also teach them, hire them, buy from them and give them the tools to be independent.  

We believe in crafting timeless jewelry that should make a profit and that we can make a difference with our jewelry and profit.

We believe in buying high quality materials that are sustainable for the world, from forgotten old brass knobs to recycled glass beads hand made by women in Ghana.

We believe in creating a genuine world where people can love and be loved for exactly who they are, and to be bold despite their fears and flaws.

Here is our story

Alora was founded in 2013 in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta. The co-founders, the mother-daughter duo of Emilyn and Jameela, began handcrafting jewelry from recycled materials with the belief that it should be authentic and make a difference in someonès life


Meet the team

Emilyn Ghann – Co-founder and Creative

What do I do? I am the matriarch of the Ghann family and the creative force behind the company. I come up with new ideas for jewelry designs because I love making people and their homes look and feel beautiful through art.

3 Random Facts About Emilyn:

  • I was born in Westmorland, Jamaica.
  • Red is my favorite color. That is an understatement. At one point, I painted my kitchen red. Glad my kids got me out of that!
  • I have a sweet tooth and I love cheesecake far more than I would admit :)

Jameela Ghann – Co-founder and Designer

What do I do? Not only do I design and create a majority of Alora's products, but I am also in charge of day-to-day business activities and long-term goal setting.

3 Random Facts About Jameela

  • When it comes to fashion and design, I am all about color. If you didn't already know.
  • I love to eat, but cooking is definitely not my strong point.
  • Want to be my friend, host a craft night. Making crafts is my favorite hobby, so I am always down for craft night!!

Peter Njongwe: Creative Director (Sales & Marketing)

What do I do: The two co-founders make beautiful pieces, so naturally they need someone to sell it. That is my role. I also do all the IT related stuff and help set the creative narrative.

3 Random Facts About Peter

  • I was born in Yaounde, Cameroon.
  • I am a closet hipster. Yes just don't call me a hipster to my face :)
  • Not the handiest. I mean, I have trouble putting IKEA furniture together.

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