Our Story

Why does Alora exist?

Alora exists to add beauty and meaning to the lives of genuine everyday women through jewelry.

What does Alora Mean?

Alora, in the Bantu language, means "My Dream". What started as a hobby has turned into a dream come true.

How did Alora start?

Emilyn and Jameela started making jewelry in 2009 at their kitchen table with the intention of creating meaningful pieces that could make a difference in the world.

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As they've expanded into over 80 stores across Canada and the USA, that intention and their beliefs have only gotten stronger and bolder. These days, Emilyn still loves making gemstone bracelets in between gardening and being an awesome grandmother, and Jameela has started curating handmade pieces from suppliers around the world to share with you. 

Get Yourself Beautiful Jewelry Now!

What Alora believes in

  • Selling gorgeous jewelry for the everyday woman to feel unique, empowered and beautiful.
  • Offering women meaningful pieces that inspire women to
    • reach higher
    • dream bigger
    • be confident in their beauty, power, and ability
  • Creating social impact by donating 5% of our profits to help women in our community. 
  • Offering timeless jewelry that makes a profit and a difference.
  • Creating a genuine world where people can love and be loved for exactly who they are, and to be bold despite their fears and flaws.

Thank you for being a part of Alora - Our dream.

Team Member Profiles 

Emilyn Ghann -  CEO

about us

My name is Emilyn, and I am one of three founding members of the Alora team, which originally started in 2008 on a whim. At that time, I had no idea how to make jewelry or that becoming involved in this type of company would be so fulfilling.

This all started when I attended a jewelry making class with my daughter, Jameela. The purpose of that class was to provide a hobby since my children were getting older, and my duties as a mom were less demanding with the independence of my children.

While at the class, I heard one of the participants talking about her experiences making and selling jewelry. I thought this sounds like it could be fun and also an additional revenue-generating stream for my family. Jameela and I attended our first market at Princes Island Park in August 2008 and were surprised at the customers' responses to the pieces that we had designed and made. That was the inspiration we needed to plunge full steam ahead. We have been making jewelry ever since. Alora went from attending events to having a fully-stocked store to having employees as well as becoming a significant wholesaler in the accessories business in Canada and the USA. We ventured into wholesale with the dedication of Peter, one of the founding members of Alora.

I am good at designing and making gemstone bracelets, among other pieces. This is one thing that provides me great satisfaction while I relax. Creating any type of jewelry is just like having a glass of wine, it does not seem like work because I enjoy it so much. I get great satisfaction when I am told that a customer wants a certain amount of pieces in a set time. I like the challenge of getting the work done and getting it done on time.

Over the years, I have had people remind me of pieces that I have made for them as gifts. Designing and making jewelry has always been my "go-to" gift idea for colleagues at work or friends who may be celebrating a milestone.

Alora has come a long way, and I will continue to design pieces that our customers will appreciate for years to come. Alora has cemented itself in the accessories business, and I see us being a part of that business for years to come!


Jameela Ghann - Co-Founder

alora about us

My name is Jameela and I am the co-founder of Alora Boutique and the proud mother of two beautiful girls. For me, running Alora means bringing beauty and meaning to women while enabling them to do good in the world!

Giving back to the community has always been an important part of my life. After serving my community on the Pineridge Community Association Board of Directors for 5 years and earning a Bachelor of Business Administration at Mount Royal University, I decided to start a social enterprise: Alora Boutique. ⁠

There is no reason that business can’t be a tool to do good in the community. After all, without the community, no business would thrive. That is why Alora has such a focus on giving back 💖

When I'm not parenting or running a business, I love to travel to warm destinations, go to philosophy book club with my friends, and annoy my little sister (it never gets old)!

(😑 - her sister after hearing that)


Akilah Ghann - COO

alora calgary jewelry

I am the COO of Alora!

I have been helping with the selling of Alora since the early 2010's and help run out store when we were located in Art Central in downtown Calgary. Recently I have taken on more tasks and responsibilities in the last few years, which is how I came to be the COO.

I now help run the social account for Alora, so when you interact with us you may be speaking with me as well as Jameela.

I am currently on school for teaching, but have rediscovered my love of marketing in helping my family run Alora.

I hope to help grow our business into a well-known brand in Canada and North America.

When I am not working at Alora, I love to travel. I have been to Ghana, England, Japan, and South Korea, which happens to be my favorite place to go. I even lived there in 2018. I may or may not also have a kpop addiction...

I also enjoy ignoring my sister when she annoys me 😄

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