Alora exists to add beauty and meaning to the lives of genuine everyday women. We do this by handcrafting jewelry that reminds them of their values and helps them to empower others.

Alora, in the Bantu language, means "My Dream". What started as a hobby has turned into a dream come true. Emilyn and Jameela started making jewelry at the kitchen table with the intention of creating meaningful pieces that could make a difference in the world. As they've expanded into over 40 stores across Canada, that intention and their beliefs have only gotten stronger and bolder.  

What We Believe

  • Hand making gorgeous jewelry from sustainable and ethically sourced materials for the everyday woman to feel unique, empowered and beautiful.
  • Designing and creating meaningful pieces that inspire women to reach higher, dream bigger, and be confident in their beauty, power, and ability.
  • Creating a full circle social impact model.  Not only do we donate 5% of our proceeds to help women break out of poverty; we also teach them, hire them, buy from them and give them the tools to be independent. 
  • Crafting timeless jewelry that should make a profit and a difference.
  • Buying high-quality materials that are sustainable for the world.  Our recycled brass is created from forgotten old brass knobs while our recycled glass beads are handmade by women in Ghana.
  • Creating a genuine world where people can love and be loved for exactly who they are, and to be bold despite their fears and flaws.

Thank you for being a part of Alora - Our dream. 

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