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Clarity, Forgiveness and Relaxation | Beaded Stretch Bracelet | Matte Howlite Gemstone

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Howlite Represents: Clarity, Forgiveness, Relaxation

Wear your bracelet as a daily reminder that howlite stimulates mental clarity, aids forgiveness and eases anxiety.


  • Handmade: You are wearing a one of a kind piece that supports an artist’s livelihood and the local economy.
  • Gemstones: Help you channel positive physical and emotional healing benefits and are also unisex.
  • Comes with a Meaning Card: This piece gives you confidence through setting an intention.
  • Wearing your Alora piece makes you feel good in knowing that you are giving back to the community through your purchase
  • 8mm beads
  • One Size Fits All
  • Comes with a message card


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