Mixed Quartz Gemstone Bracelets Canada | Creativity, Harmony, and Discovery

Mixed Quartz Gemstone Meaning

Mixed Quartz represents "Creativity, Harmony, and Discovery

Quartz is a stone with many meanings and are known as “master healing crystals,”. This stone encompasses all forms of creativity (removing writers block, mastering that new recipe), harmony (bringing family together, aligning ones chakras), and discovery (finding your calling, finding a new interest). 

Wear your bracelet as a daily reminder that rose quartz is a powerful harmonizer of the body’s subtle energies which will help you get back in touch with love by easing emotional wounds.

Tips: Stack your bracelets in few different but complimentary colors for an elegant look.


  • Handmade: You are wearing a one of a kind piece that supports an artist’s livelihood and the local economy.
  • Gemstones: Help you channel positive physical and emotional healing benefits and are also unisex.
  • Wearing your Alora piece makes you feel good in knowing that you are giving back to the community through your purchase.


  • One size fits most (stretch cord used)
  • Bead size 8mm
  • *Gold and Silver styles may vary*

Care Instructions:

  • Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off
  • Do not get your jewelry wet
  • Store your jewelry in a dry place

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