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Akwaaba! Welcome to Alora.

We are a family business that creates meaningful jewelry to help you live with intention and pay it forward. At this time you are probably thinking, if i wear this jewelry, how does it give back? Good question, here is how:

  • We create beautiful pieces that have a symbolic meaning inspired by our rich Ghanaian history, the world around us, and the intention we put into each piece. Each Alora piece comes with a positive meaning card to remind you of the things you care about and encourage you to live an intentional life
  • Your purchase helps to provide sustainable jobs and empower disadvantaged women to rise out of poverty.
  • Embrace your intention and wear, share and feel good about your decision

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Gifts the Give Back: Alora Raises $510 for the Mustard Seed During Christmas

Gifts the Give Back: Alora Raises $510 for the Mustard Seed During Christmas

donations to the mustard seed gifts that give back

Thank you, thank you!

Gifts that Give Back

Our Keys to Change collection was a collection of six key necklaces with various empowering messages on them. We created keys to represent the transition from homelessness to shelter. These keys, created from recycled brass, made the perfect gifts at Christmas time. The intention behind the necklaces was for you to give them to someone who needed the message or for you to wear the key as a reminder to embody the meaning behind the word. 

gifts the giveback key necklaces in canada

Key Necklaces

You helped us to raise over 500 dollars for the Mustard Seed. Over the holiday season, $10 from the sale of each #keystochange necklace was donated to the Seed. 


key necklaces gifts that give back canada calgary

Giving Back in Calgary

We also taught 18 women from the Mustard Seed how to make their own key necklace. They were able to leave with a gift for themselves and for someone else. 

giving back in the calgary community local business alora

Alora really believes in giving back and this was just a small way that we could do so. 

Thank you again for helping us help others!

Shop some of the key necklaces below. We will continue to donate $10 from the sale of each piece to the Mustard Seed!


February 22, 2017 by Jameela Ghann
Raw Amethyst Earrings and Rings : Behind the Scenes

Raw Amethyst Earrings and Rings : Behind the Scenes

This week has been a mix of exciting and stressful! We are busy getting our spring line into stores across Canada and here is a behind the scenes look at me making amethyst earrings and rings.
January 22, 2017 by Jameela Ghann
2017 Jewelry Trends

2017 Jewelry Trends!

You've set your intention, you feel purposeful, driven and alive. Now let your jewelry speak volumes and reflect how amazing you look and feel with these must have 2017 jewelry trends!

Fashion experts from Vogue suggest statement necklaces, arm cuffs, art school earrings and raw stones all made an impact on the runway during the December 2016 fashion week. Here are some of the top jewelry trends for 2017:

January 18, 2017 by Shayleen McHugh