Community Involvement

Feels Good on Your Skin & On Your Mind.

Each piece of jewelry Alora sells helps to improve our community! Learn what we do to improve the lives of disadvantaged women in Calgary.

It All Started with Jewelry

With every purchase, 5% of profits goes towards transitioning women out of poverty and homelessness.

Alora has given more than $10,000+ to programs that they have a partnership with: Mustard Seed, Dean Louise School Program (Lifeskills for Teenage Mothers) and the Home Front Prevention of Domestic Violence Program.

Each partnership is more than just blind donations, Alora connects with each organization to learn more about their work, what they need help with and how the funds will help.

Many partnerships include an event funded and organized by Alora to draw attention to the organization, and to the struggles of the strong, inspirational women they help. 

Your purchase changes the lives of women who have experienced poverty, abuse or disadvantaged situations.

Jewelry for Hope.

Full Circle- How We Help Provide Skills

We don’t believe in just giving money, we believe in empowering women. Our donations go towards to help them sustain themselves and reduce the need to rely on donations.

Alora’s owners and employees have contributed over 175+ hours to connect, encourage and support the Calgary and international community.

Through Alora’s free jewelry making workshops, Alora teaches women and people in poverty how to make jewelry, and skills that they can use to support and sustain themselves in order to be self-sufficient, independent and empowered.

Jewelry for Change.

    Help Pave The Way

    We want to change the way we think about non-profit or for-profit organizations, and we want you to be a part! By purchasing Alora jewelry you are showing the world that you can make a difference with your money AND still receive something in return for it.

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    If you are interested in getting involved please feel free to contact us or sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our events. We would love your help and support.