African Cowboys?! It's Stampede Time

Usually, the words "African" and "Cowboy" are never seen together, but it is Stampede time, and we want to give a nod to a local African cowboy named John Ware. 

Who is John Ware?

John Ware was an African and freed slave from the American South. He moved to Alberta after learning the skills and lifestyle of a cowboy in Texas, USA.

What did John Ware do?

John Ware could do amazing things. Not only was he the strongest cowboy in all of Alberta, but he was also the founder of two ranches in the Canadian province.

What is John Ware's Legacy in Calgary?

  • John Ware Junior High School in SW Calgary,
  • John Ware building at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)
  • John had the largest funeral Calgary had seen at the time.


Visit the John Ware Cabin in Alberta

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