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Our Top 4 Tips for Exhibiting at a Trade Show

Today was the first day of the 2013 Home and Design Show in Calgary. Usually Thursdays are slow, so we use it as a time to test our display. Our experience has helped us to make sure we do four main things at every trade show. Even though we do these things we have much more to learn. In the meantime, we will share our knowledge with you.

Our Top 4 Exhibiting Tips

  • Bring products or marketing material to the outside of the booth because people can be too shy to come inside.
  • Use the whole wall! Bring your product and marketing material right to the top. People walking by will be able to see what you are selling even if you have a crowd.
  • Use signage. This will help to keep people in the booth longer. People love to "self-serve" and learn on their own
  • Ask open ended questions to customers. This may be hard, but open ended questions help you know who your customers are and what they are looking for.

Trade Show Booth Trade Show Booth Trade Show Booth  

We would love to get your thoughts on our booth display.

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