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5 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Winter Wardrobe

When things around you start to go into hibernation or die, it is easy to let you subconscious trick you into mourning.

How can we stave off the winter blues? By adding color of course!

Here are the easiest ways to add color to your wardrobe during the winter

Add a colorful hat/scarf/glove

    If you want to keep your coat neutral, than add fun coloured accessories this winter. Hot colors for the season include Misted Yellow, Syrah, Mauve, and Peacock Blue. Think about getting a pair of gloves in misted yellow or a scarf in Peacock blue. These colours will really add some interest and spice to your black or great coat. 
winter colors 2014 - 2015 calgary canada fashion

Wear a pair of colouful leggings

Update that boring grey shift dress for the office with colourful leggings. Since you have to keep warm, you might as well do it in style. It is hard to find colourful dresses in stores during the winter, but coloured leggings are always easy to spot. Pick up a few pairs the next time you are shopping and you will have a lot more choice when it comes to updating your black or grey office dresses. 

Statement jewelry

Use your fashion accessories to add color and sparkle to your outfit. Try stacking colourful bracelets on one arm. This will act as a friendly reminder that summer is just around the corner (hopefully).

Rock a statement handbag

Going to and from the office requires a spacious and fun carry all. Try a bold color that will compliment your winter coat. Handbags can really make your outfit, so choose an awesome color!

Purchase a brightly coloured coat

Go all the way and purchase a fuchsia or yellow winter coat. Everytime you slip it on you will fell cheery and bright! Remember to choose a color that compliments your skin tone.



*leggings picture updated from styling dutchman

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