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Christmas Gifts That Give Back In Calgary - Alora Diane Collection

Calgary Gifts That Give Back

Each piece in the Diane collection is meant to empower the wearer through the significance and experiences of Dianne’s life. 


christmas gifts that give back in calgary


Growing up, Diane had a troubled childhood and was sexually assaulted by her father which led to a cycle of trauma. She experienced abusive relationships, severe mental health issues and thoughts of committing suicide. A few years ago, Diane was introduced to The Mustard Seed and has now found hope for her future.


We believe that each life is significant and should be lived with intention. Diane serves as an inspiration to all of us to live life with purpose and to be resilient. In addition to the message behind the jewelry, $10 from the sale of each piece will go towards The Mustard Seed to help other women like Diane find a place they can call home.


See Diane's story below. 

About the Diane Collection

This collection is an evolution of the last collection in support of the Mustard Seed. We incorporated keys to represent: unlocking the strength, bravery, and power the individual and as a symbol of the home. The purchase of each piece helps to transition people off the streets, and ultimately, into a home.

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