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    Circle Bangle - Meaningful and Beautiful

    Meaningful jewelry has been on the rise recently, pieces that are meant to be beautiful but also make you feel good inside and out with the message it provides.

    Meaningful jewelry used to be pieces that show the receiver you were thinking about them, but now it is so much more!

    These Circle of Life Circle bangles symbolize that the universe is sacred and divine. 

    “Every end is a new beginning.”

    This bangle is perfect for:

    • A friend going through a hard transition
    • A family member going through a career change
    • Someone just graduating and starting the next chapter in their life

    No matter the reason, this bangle is a great choice for a gift...or as a present to yourself!

    Grab your bracelet here! Remember, shipping is free across Canada and the USA or you can pick up in Calgary. 

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