Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Corporate Gift Bag Ideas

December 29, 2018

When running a conference, workshop, or retreat gift bags are an important way to extend your gratitude to your guests for attending. Not only can you make a lasting impression on your guests, but curating the perfect gift bag can help you extend your brand and communicate your brand values to your guest long after the event is over. 


Alora loves providing gift bag items for corporate events that align with our values, and one of those values is sustainability. If your business or event is eco-friendly and has sustainability at its core here are a  few ideas for

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Corporate Gifts 


If your conference is geared towards women, sustainable fashion jewelry is a perfect gift! Keep your jewelry gifts simple. At Alra, we like to provide bracelets and simple stud earrings for those who want our jewelry for their gift bags. The best part about Alora jewelry is that they all come with a meaning card and in gift packaging. That means that if your attendee can keep the gift for themselves or gift the jewelry to someone special in their lives.

With all corporate gifts, you can choose to have your business card added to the gift bag. With enough notice, we can create a custom piece of jewelry for all your attendees! 

Take a look at these custom pink Canadian themed bracelets that we created for a fashion film festival!

corporate gift bag items calgary

Contact us for your event's sustainable and eco-friendly gift bag items!


Books are always a great idea! If you have a key-note speaker who has published a book then provide a copy to each of your guests. You can put your logo on the back of each book or inside the cover page This will require volunteer hours, but it is worth it! Every time the guest reads your book or glances at it on their bookshelf they will be reminded of your event. 

Also, most people believe it is a cardinal sin to throw books away. That guarantees that your gift will stay in their possession (almost) forever!

Reusable Bags

These are GREAT gifts. With almost every store in the country asking customers to bring their own bag, it is a great idea to give guests a fun bag that they will use every day.

Try not to buy a bag that is too logo heavy. Lots of people don't want to walk around with a tech logo to the shopping mall or grocery store. Instead, get a bag that has your logo or visually appealing design. When ordering, ask the manufacturer to stitch your logo on the front or inside the bag.  

Finally, choose a foldable bag. This makes the product easy to fit into a larger gift bag and will guarantee that your guest actually use it since it can fit into their handbag or briefcase easily. 

Other Sustainable, Eco-friendly Corporate Gift Bag Ideas

  • Alcoholic Lollipops
  • Travel Chargers
  • Customized Seed Packets (try and choose herbs that are actually useful)
  • Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs
  • Pens (I know this is a given, but if they are well designed they will be used every day!)

Tips for Curating an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Corporate Gift Bag

Be sure to choose quality over quantity 

You don't have to go overboard. First set a budget per bag and get the highest quality that you can afford. It's not a bad thing to choose fewer gifts or even a single, show-stopping item that guests will truly appreciate. Trust us, one high-end quality item that they will use is worth much more than ten smaller, low-quality items.

Focus on sustainable items 

Using your budget to focus on sustainable items will send a signal to your guests that you care about the environment. Even if you only get to weave in sustainability into your gift bags, it is better than nothing.

Keep travel in mind

Try not to include anything bulky or fragile in your gift bags if you know the majority of attendees will be flying home. Try and add items that are lightweight and don't take up too much space if you are giving gift bags to guests from an international conference. 

Customize and personalize gifts

Customization doesn't just mean putting their name on an item. Although this could be a good idea for smaller events or events with high ticket prices, personalization doesn't always mean monograms. You can personalize based on interests or customer lifetime value.

There you have it! A guide on incorporating sustainability into your gift bags! If you have any questions about including Alora jewelry in your gift bag do not hesitate to contact us!

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