Ethical Fashion Jewelry in Canada

April 26, 2018

Ethical Fashion Jewelry in Canada

More and more people are realizing that buying the cheapest jewelry or clothing that you can find isn’t always the best idea. Not only are you compromising on quality, you’re probably also compromising on the environment and human rights. One way to reduce your impact and help things get back to how they are supposed to be is to buy ethically. You can always start with ethical jewelry if you are a jewelry lover! But what exactly does this mean? And how do you buy the best ethical fashion jewelry in Canada?

What exactly is ethical fashion jewelry?

Ethical fashion jewelry means that the jewelry is sustainable, in two senses of the word. First of all, you want the production sources of the jewelry to be sustainable, so it shouldn’t use resources that are very scarce and can’t be renewed. It also means that the labour that goes into the production of the jewelry is paid fairly. This means that no child labour (which is more prevalent in the jewelry industry than you think), forced labour, or bonded debt labour is used in the manufacturing process.

Now you can probably understand that gemstones and precious metals aren’t exactly the most sustainable resources, there are a lot of them but they can’t be renewed very quickly. To combat that, a lot of ethical jewelry is made by the jeweler themselves in their own studio, which immediately cuts out a lot of CO2 gas that is created during transportation of the jewelry. Also, there are lots of pieces of ethical jewelry that are made from recycled metal or that uses an old piece of jewelry as the base.  At Alora, most of our brass necklaces are created from recycled brass and recycled glass!

Finally, you can count on the fact that ethical fashion jewelry doesn’t use any endangered animal products like shark’s teeth, ivory, coral or a rare woods.

How to find ethical fashion jewelry in Canada?

If you want to do your part and buy ethical jewelry instead of regular jewelry then you need to know how to find this jewelry, and how to know that it is legitimately ethical.

There are various brands in Canada that sell beautiful ethical fashion jewelry. For example, you could take a look at the growing brand of Alora. Not only are we trying to incorporate ethical practices into all part of our business, but we give 5% of our profits to charity. You can find Alora in various cities across Canada like Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary and in the USA like Portland, and Los Angles. 

Why Buy Ethically?

All in all, the ethical fashion jewelry movement in Canada is rising and hopefully, it’s not going to be slowed anytime soon! Ethical jewelry brings us the same beautiful pieces but it’s so much better for the planet and all the people on it.

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